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La Dama azul (The Lady in Blue) by Javier Sierra - Javier Sierra, autor del bestseller internacional LA CENA SECRETA, nos ofrece ahora una novela de. La Dama Azul The Lady In Blue. Sierra Javier Epub Download. This is a wonderful pricing technique if you are looking to acquire lengthy-term customers. Nagast: La Biblia Secreta Del -, North Carolina Secretary Of State's Office, La Dama Azul: Novela. By Javier Sierra, Paperback Barnes, Ebook Download Cena .

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It was characterized by remarkable historical accounts regarding her evangelization of indigenous tribes, a fascinating feminist colonial literary history, transatlantic political intrigue, and a surprisingly regular emergence of folkloric, literary and artistic renderings about the Lady in Blue. The narrative of the Lady in Blue surfaced in the context of early 17th-century Spanish exploration and colonization of the northern frontier of New Spain. Fray Benavides arrived at this conclusion because tribal members displayed evidence of Catholic catechesis, including making the sign of the cross and requesting baptism from the friars, well in advance of visits from Franciscan missionaries. According to subsequent Spanish accounts, the Lady in Blue as she was called for the blue-gray color of her habit traveled not only to the Jumano tribe, but to other indigenous groups living in the northern frontier of New Spain. She continued to inhabit the region, metaphorically at least, for the next three hundred and fifty years, resurfacing in unexpected contexts and via a variety of media. These documents and a small number of other significant works, including one described in the following paragraph, formed the textual basis for the Lady in Blue narrative.

Javier Sierra

The legend of the Lady in Blue is fundamentally a miracle narrative, in which the female protagonist simultaneously is cloistered in Spain and evangelizes to indigenous groups in the Americas. This is not to say the issue of whether or not bilocation actually happened is peripheral; as Lynch demonstrates, it simply cannot be addressed within the limitations of this project. Rather than showing how the narrative lived and was vibrant, this interpretation assumed a physical presence was necessary, and that such a presence was either fraudulent or impossible.

Neither of these options held in the context of the historical artifacts I encountered. The presence I sought to track was one that was concrete and definable: wherever the Lady in Blue appeared conceptually or representationally.

I became more concerned with where the Lady in Blue was documentably present and what this presence meant for those who interacted with it. The critical lens of cultural studies provided the best means to achieve sufficient distance from the material, discuss it contextually, and create a coherent narrative history about it. Since she has left her clearest trail in the history, literature and folklore of the Southwest, and since her transatlantic, colonial narrative primarily deals with and reflects on the populations that occupy Greater Mexico, Mexican American cultural studies offers a natural theoretical framework for her story.

Antonia Kerrigan Literary Agency

Issues of nationality, gender, religion, otherness and colonization are the significant factors that have determined how the Lady in Blue narrative was born and developed, and how it has come to be understood and used in the Southwest. That I choose to apply a Mexican American cultural analysis to the text does not exclude its interpretation, of course, through a different cultural studies framework, or via an entirely different analytical framework.

The analysis of the diverse body of artifacts about the Lady in Blue would not have been possible without these structures to inform how to create meaning and a history around them.

In tracing the history of La Llorona, Perez makes a case for her indigenous origins and examines revisions to the indigenous account arising from the changing racial, religious and cultural dynamic in Mexico that resulted from the Spanish conquest and the imposition of European values. Perez finds that identities of self and other are deeply embedded in the question of how La Llorona is used, by whom and to what ends. Because I have chosen to focus on the trajectory of the narrative, comprised of a wide variety of materials unified by the narrative itself, the analytical framework applied is of vital importance.

Beyond simply offering a means of interpretation, the approach allows us to grasp the central critical questions more firmly, to see the connections among its elements, and finally, to feel just what it is about this story-- a cloistered Spanish nun mystically traveling to the Americas and converting indigenous tribes-- that continues to fascinate over centuries. Memorial of Fray Alonso de Benavides Edward Ayer.


Chicago: Privately printed, Frederick Webb Hodge, George P. Hammond, Agapito Rey. Albuquerque: University of New Mexico P, Castillo, Ana. So Far From God. New York: Plume, Flores, Richard. Austin: University of Texas P, Gruzinski, Serge. Heather MacLean.

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