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Around the World in 80 Days. CHAPTER I. IN WHICH PHILEAS FOGG. AND PASSEPARTOUT. ACCEPT EACH OTHER,. THE ONE AS MASTER,. THE OTHER. Download our free ePUB, PDF or MOBI eBooks to read on almost any device — your desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android phone or Around the World in 80 Days. Free kindle book and epub digitized and proofread by Project Gutenberg.

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Around The World In 80 Days Pdf

Around the World in 80 Days By Jules Verne. Format: Global Grey free PDF, epub, Kindle ebook. Pages (PDF): Publication Date: Download links are. Around the World in Eighty Days occupies a key position in Jules Verne's se- ries of Extraordinary Journeys. By his heroes have penetrated the heart. Around the World in 80 Days Jules Verne This eBook was designed and published by Planet PDF. For more free eBooks visit.

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Leaving that night, Fogg and a nonplussed Passepartout board a train bound for Dover and Calais to begin their journey. Accordingly, a detective, Mr. Fix, is sent to Suez , in British-ruled Egypt , to await the steamer Mongolia, on which Fogg and Passepartout are traveling.

Fix befriends Passpartout, and, after learning that they will take the steamer to Bombay , he downloads a ticket and joins them. The Mongolia reaches Bombay before the arrival of an arrest warrant, however. During the few hours before their planned departure for Calcutta on the Great India Peninsula Railway, Passepartout visits a Hindu temple on Malabar Hill , unaware that Christians are forbidden to enter and that shoes are not to be worn inside.

He is beaten by enraged priests and barely makes it to the train station on time.

Around the World in 80 Days - PDF Drive

The train travels through India until stopping at the village of Kholby, where Fogg learns that, contrary to what was reported in the British press, the railroad is 50 miles 81 km short of completion, and passengers are required to find their own way to Allahabad to resume the train trip.

Fogg downloads an elephant and hires a Parsi man as elephant driver and guide. Fogg decides that they must rescue the young widow. Passepartout disguises himself as the body of the late rajah, and, as soon as the pyre is lit, he springs up and seizes the widow. The party then flees before the ruse is discovered.

They reach the railroad station in Allahabad and continue on their journey. Facts Matter. An unperturbed Fogg pays bail for them, and, accompanied by the widow, Aouda, they board a steamer bound for Hong Kong.

Around the World in 80 Days

Liverpool c. Dover a. Circle the hidden words. They may go up, down, across, backward, or diagonally. Check off each word as you find it. Use a puzzle word to complete each pair of synonyms words with the same or similar meanings or antonyms words with opposite meanings. Use words of your own to complete the pairs below. Write an antonym word with the opposite meaning from the box next to each boldface word from Chapter 2. You will not use all the words in the box.

Classic Starts (R): Around the World in 80 Days : Retold from the Jules Verne Original

The words below are synonyms words with the same or similar meanings of words in Part A. Unscramble the words to complete each pair of synonyms.

Read the causes on the left. Then write a letter to match each cause with its effect on the right. He shops in Egypt for shirts and shoes.

Fix meets the Mongolia in Egypt. He thinks his master is joking. Fix requests that an arrest warrant be sent to Bombay. In your own words, explain the effect of each cause below. Passepartout tells Fix his master is carrying a fortune in new bank notes. Write a word from the puzzle under the definition it matches. Then, number the events to show which happened first, second, and so on.

Complete the crossword puzzle with words from Chapter 4. The guide told Fogg that Aouda had been a. Why did the Indians cry out in terror and throw themselves to the ground? Clouds had suddenly appeared.

They saw that the rajah was moving. The ghostly figure that looked like the rajah was really a. Phileas Fogg. Phileas Fogg offered to take Aouda a. Why did Sir Francis get off the train at Benares? He left to join his troops. He was tired of traveling. His family lived there. Who was waiting for Fogg, Aouda, and Passepartout at the train station in Calcutta?

Fix b. Judge Obadiah c. If you need help to answer the questions, look back through the chapter. Why did Fogg wonder if the guide might side with the Indians instead of the rescuers? Why did Fogg suggest waiting until night before going after Aouda? Why did Fogg think it would be wise to take Aouda to Hong Kong? Why did the Indians lay the beautiful young woman next to her dead husband? After the Indians lit the fire, what made them cry out and throw themselves on the ground?

What tipped Fogg that their trick had been discovered? How did Aouda show gratitude to her rescuers? Complete the crossword puzzle with words from Chapter 5. What evidence did Judge Obadiah produce as proof that a crime had been committed? Fogg was sentenced to a fine of pounds and a. What ship did Fogg board next, and where was it headed? When Fix traveled on with them, Passepartout wondered if the man a. The departure of the Carnatic was delayed because a.

Fogg was already 24 hours late. Why did Fogg invite Aouda to join them on their round-theworld journey? Her cousin had moved away. Passepartout had a crush on her. She begged Fogg to take her along. What two surprises awaited Fogg and Aouda at the harbor? Fix was drunk, and Passepartout had been arrested. Passepartout was missing, and the Carnatic had already departed. Their luggage was missing, and the Carnatic had sunk. What did Fogg do that made Fix feel uncomfortable?

You will not use all the words. Think about how the characters behaved in Chapter 6.

Phileas Fogg cowardly generous bold despicable 2. Fix forthright secretive determined 3. Passepartout acrobatic pathetic 4.

Aouda grateful enthusiastic mystified lazy apologetic aggressive spiteful B. Answer each question with the name of a character not mentioned in Part A. Who was afraid of losing his pound reward? Who worried that a typhoon was coming? Complete the crossword puzzle with words from Chapter 7. Choose a synonym word with the same or similar meaning from the box for each boldface word from Chapter 7. Write it on the line. Write a letter from a box word to match each boldface word from Chapter 7 with its antonym word with the opposite meaning.

Fix steps between them and takes the blow. Colonel Proctor gets out to investigate. Aouda becomes alarmed. The conductor wants passengers to walk to a nearby town. The bridge collapses as soon as the train passes over. Fogg, Aouda, and Passepartout wait at the International Hotel.

He downloads some revolvers. The train is late reaching Utah.

At the rally Fogg and Fix are caught between two warring groups. Thousands of buffalo stream across the railroad tracks. Heavy rains had swollen the creek. Write T or F to show whether each statement below is true or false.

Rewrite the false sentences from Part A to make them true. You should rewrite six sentences. Complete the crossword puzzle with words from Chapter 9. Write the word from the puzzle that matches each definition. Write on the back of this sheet if you need more room. This makes Aouda and Passepartout very worried. How would you react if someone you cared for was terribly disappointed about something?

What could you say or do to help your friend cheer up? Until the real robber was caught, people all over England suspected that Fogg had stolen the money.

Have you or someone you know ever been falsely accused? How did it feel? What did you do about it? Was the real culprit ever identified?

To calm their nerves, they play a game of cards. Have you ever made—or almost made—a mistake that had very serious consequences? Describe what happened. Tell about a time you won something that mattered to you. Perhaps it was a race or another kind of competition. Describe how you felt. How much did Fogg bet that he could make a tour of the world in 80 days?

But one completely unforeseen outcome of his journey was a. They were already ahead of schedule. Passepartout was nowhere to be found. The Rangoon would depart the next morning. Write in complete sentences. Where did Fogg get the idea that a person could travel around the world in 80 days?

Describe the ceremony called a suttee. What offer did Mr. Fix make to Passepartout at the tavern in Hong Kong? Did Passepartout accept? How did Fogg respond when Mr.

Around the World in 80 Days [Junior Edition] by Jules Verne

Fix begged his forgiveness for arresting him? Complete the short-term project on the back of this sheet. Write brief captions for any four illustrations in the book. Draw a picture of your favorite character. Be sure the clothing and hairstyles are appropriate to the times. Write a diary entry for one of the main characters. Draw a simple map, showing various locations mentioned in the novel. Choose any page from the novel. Rewrite all the dialogue. Playing the role of a newspaper reporter, write a brief article describing one of the events that occurs in the novel.

Use a reference book to find a song that was popular at the time this story takes place. Read or sing it to the class. Write a description of the daily life of ordinary people at the time this story was written. Use library resources to find information.

Make a diorama depicting one of the important scenes in the story. Ask a librarian to help you find a recipe for a dish that was popular at the time depicted in the story. She wept thankful tears. Yokohama 5. Fogg 6. San Francisco Captain Speedy, command 5. Newfoundland, Henrietta 7. Fogg 2. Fix 3. Passepartout 4. Passepartout 5. Fogg C. John Bunsby 2. Batulcar 3. John Bunsby 4.

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